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About Last Chance Corral

At the age of 12 Victoria rescued her first horse. Since 1968 she has always taken in the horses that everyone has given up, trying to turn their life around by giving them one last chance. One or two at a time, horses have come in and out of her life inspiring her to firmly believe that there is always a horse out there in need of refuge, and always a need for someone to feel responsible and intervene on that animal's behalf.  Establishing the Last Chance Corral in 1986 was the realization of her vision of creating a much-needed facility to offer horses asylum.

Today, the Last Chance Corral proudly offers horses hope, shelter, and opportunity regardless of their situation or problems. Be it psychological or physiological we are committed to addressing the individual needs of each rescued animal. Our work begins with developing an individual diet, treatment regiments, and a training program for each horse according to its needs.  When a horse has been sufficiently rehabilitated we go about the work of finding appropriate adoptive homes that suit the horse's needs and abilities.

The horses that arrive at the L.C.C. represent a wide spectrum that includes horses as varied as the people that own them and the disciplines that they use them in. Not all horses that come into the L.C.C. are infirm; actually, few among them are. Most are simply unwanted. Situations such as children leaving for college, divorce, and relocation can leave a horse with no place to go. The alternative of the sale house offers a potentially grim solution that most owners would rather avoid.