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Available Foals
Foal 61 "Bonky"



Foal 61

Born April 1 pure Draft colt has contracted tendons in his front end.  He is NOT jumping in these photos--he's standing.


Above you can see him with his splints!  Getting better!!


Bonky with his corrective shoes... little toe extensions!

We have had several sponsors step up and support Bonky during his recovery.  Because of THEM, we are able to provide him with EVERYTHING that he needs to make a complete recovery.  In many barns and hospitals he may have been euthanized, but thanks to a bright prognosis, obvious progress, and the generosity of people like you, we are able to give him the gift of SOUNDNESS.  Keep watching for him on Facebook for updates on his progress!

Here is a link to a YouTube video... where he is leading the parade!!!  



Once Bonky is fully recovered, he will find a place with a member of the "Last Chance Corral Family" and he will become an ambassador and "poster child" for all nurse mare foals and the Last Chance Corral as he grows!

Before you call...

~*~*~ I want to adopt!  What do I do?? ~*~*~

FIRST, check all of our adoption policies, adoption qualifications, and FAQs on the website.  They can be found in several places, the easiest is on our homepage (www.lastchancecorral.org)!  Scroll down, read through it, and study for it like it is a final exam.  If you qualify, please give us a call (no Facebook, no emails) to discuss adoption.  We cannot make any exceptions, our regulations and requirements were put in place after years of lessons learned.

After you check the website, you will call and have a brief interview with either Victoria or Rachel.  We will discuss your farm, what you are looking for in an equine partner, and assess whether or not you are able to care for a foal.  Don't worry, as long as you read the website first, we won't bite!  We get so many calls we simply do not have the time and resources to recite to you the information that is already printed.

During the phone interview, if you qualify, we will most likely set up a time for you to pick out and pick up your foal(s).  When you come, you will need to bring your vet/farrier names and phone numbers, and photos of your farm (fencing/stalls) and photos of any current horses that you have.  Pictures are fine on a phone, they do not have to be printed copies.  A brief written reference from your vet/farrier will expedite the proceedings.

When you come to get your foals, you need to get the directions off of our website.  If you Google/Mapquest/GPS/iPhone the directions or location, you will get sent 40 miles out of the way.  PRINT THE DIRECTIONS OFF OF THE WEBSITE FOR THE DRIVE!

We have a first come/first serve policy (to qualified homes only) when it comes to adopting foals.  We can hold for 24 hours ONLY with a non-refundable deposit.  We do not hold/board foals under any circumstances, unless you are the President of the United States or the Supreme Ruler of the Universe (proof required).



When you pick up your foal(s), your trailer needs to have the dividers out of it (to make it one big stall) and needs to be bedded with hay, straw, or shavings.  The trailer needs to be fully enclosed (no half back doors).  IF YOU HAVE A TRAILER WITH HOLES IN THE FLOOR OR WALLS WE WILL NOT PUT A FOAL IN IT AND WILL SEND YOU PACKIN'!  Do yourself a favor and check it out before you hit the road.  



Last Chance Corral :: Adoption and Rehabilitation for Horses and Foals