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Available Horses
Right now, these are the horses and ponies that we have available for adoption.  We are ALWAYS updating our website, so check back often, becuase your next horsie "partner-in-crime" could be waiting here for you!




"Timber" is a 6 year old chestnut QH mare. 15.0-15.1hh, she is GUARANTEED sane and sound. She clips, ties, loads, stands to be saddled and mounted, great on trails, etc... and she LOOOOOOVES WATER! This mare is a pleasure to work with, and she will excel at most disciplines. Her mind and heart can't be beat. No buck, no rear, no bull. She rides in a simple snaffle and has EXCELLENT ground manners.  She is young and chock-full of talent, so we would like to see her go to someone that is willing to continue her training and see how far she can go!  She's a solid citizen. Timber sells with a trial period. Don't miss out on the mare of your life!

This is Timber's "story"... what we know of it, anyway. ~Rachel

We pulled Timber from Sugarcreek early this spring. I spoke with the dealer that brought her to the sale, and he claimed that a 13 year old boy rode her all over all last summer (when she would have been 5). I don't believe a word I'm told by dealers, but I heard him out. As I walked away, I asked him what her name was. He couldn't even tell me. He had no idea. Soooooo I'm taking all his other info with a grain of salt. However, his son was riding her around the sale barn with big spurs, and had a running martingale on her. He would spur her mercilessly... then when she sped up her would slam her in the face (yank yank yank). She was being a saint for him. I later looked at her bit and it was a thin hard twist. We outbid the killer and brought her home. We turned her out and let her relax for awhile, then put her through an evaluation. She was intimidated and tense about the bit (understandably!), but didn't step out of line once. In less than 5 short uneventful rides she was relaxed and actually lazy. We have had an advanced beginner ride her and she did great but I think she deserves to be finished (she has SO much talent!) and while an advanced beginner could ride her occasionally, she should still have someone that could continue her training. She is a DOLL and she is willing, and even a bit lazy!  She went from a worried submissive animal that was obedient out of fear to a silly goofy sweet mare that tries to take off with the water hose and is the first one up to you in the pasture. I can't say enough about her. She has really rewarded us for saving her.  Whoever ends up with her should consider themselves lucky!

Timber is not at the Last Chance Corral (but she is in Athens OH).  This a courtesy post for LCC's Rachel Bendler.  Contact Rachel at (740)707-0793  (call or text) for more information about Timber.  A part of her sale will go to the Last Chance Corral, the rest will be used to pull more horses from Sugarcreek.  Delivery available for an additional fee.

$1600, contact Rachel at (740)707-0793 (call or text) for more info.











Romeo is also here because of changes in his owners' lives.  He is a Spotted Draft X Draft pony.  He is a very dark bay Paint with perfect feet.He was trimmed every month of his life (his owners really did love him)!  He is currently 14 H,1" and should finish out at 15 H, 1".  He is gelded and current on everything.  He is ready to rock and roll in the training arena and become whatever you come up with...myself, I'm thinking that he could pull a little gypsy wagon when he isn't being a pony club jumper or trail riding at sunset.

Adoption Fee:  $700


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