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Available Horses
Right now, these are the horses and ponies that we have available for adoption.  We are ALWAYS updating our website, so check back often, becuase your next horsie "partner-in-crime" could be waiting here for you!









Zippo - 15 year old Quarter pony gelding. He is named after his Vietnam veteran owner's "lucky lighter". He grew up in the rugged hills of Appalachia. He is as sure footed as one of the white-tailed deer that roam these hills. You can shoot off of him and he is no stranger to packing game out of the woods. Sadly, his owner passed last Halloween, leaving Zippo behind.

This is one fancy boy! He is 14 hands 2" tall with a mountain of presence. He neck reins and is extremely sensible. Sound as the price of gold. There's not much I can say about this horse that his photos don't show except for the fact that he was a stallion for most of his life, but never used as such.

Update 10/1/14

Zippo has gone on several trail rides alone and in company and is happy to lead or follow. He neck reins in a snaffle and works in an english or western saddle. He has a comfortable and well paced walk and trot. He didn't canter much in his previous job as a pack horse, but he will surely pick it up with practice. He is not fazed by traffic, creeks, wildlife, or company, and seems truely at home on the trail. 

You can visit him at the farm.

Adoption Fee:$750




We met Sout in april of 2013 when he was only months old.  He was a sad little thing, missing his mom and staying in the corner of the stall, hiding behind another foal, refusing to come near us.  Although we were new to young horses and a bit intimidated, he won our hearts.  We brought him home and over the coming months he learned to walk on a halter and lead, stand well tied, come running when we worked in the barn, play tag with the dog until they are both exhausted and loves getting his forehead and ears scratched.   He has had regular visits from the farrier every other month since he was 10 weeks old and stands well for trims, as well as with the vet for his shots.  He has been gelded and as the doctor said it took 2 shots to put him on the ground, "he is one tough cookie!".  He stabbed himself on a t-post when he was 6 months (barely a scar now) and had to have the wound checked and cleaned twice a day.  True to his brave nature, he stood stoically for all the fuss, barely blinking an eye while he was poked and prodded regularly.  He is afraid of nothing, loves people, other horses and the family dog.  Traffic, chainsaws, tarps, blankets, nothing bothers this brave little guy.  He loves playing with his ball and cones and will bring them to you to make sure you join in the fun!  He has had sessions from a Parelli trainer to help him (and us) learn that he is not a baby anymore and needs to respect personal space.  Unfortunately, I have come to realize that he would do better with someone who can commit the time and has the knowledge to encourage him to continue to be the great, fearless guy he is sure to become.

Adoption Fee:  $350  Contact Tracy Hansen for more information: 740-856-7613






Chase- 16yr old, 14.2 hands, Polish Arabian mare. Chase is a well behaved and sweet mare. She is true to her breed; expressive, sensitive, and too smart for an average beginner. She behaves very well in hand and under saddle, however she needs a confident intermediate rider.  This mare needs a partner who appreciates her intelligence and emotion as much as her beauty. She trailers well, stands politely to be groomed and tacked, and is easy to mount. She has a good working walk and trot and a lovely canter. She went across to the creek and in to the water. She does need a partner who understands her. If someone is too pushy or heavy handed they will be in for a fight with an opinionated mare. If someone is too timid or novice the mare will loose her confidence and become skittish. In the right hands this mare may throw a cautious eye and hesitate at new experiences, but quickly regain her confidence and composure while remaining a complete professional.

Currently Unavailable

Halflinger Yearling



Halflinger yearling filly has had lots and lots of ground work and is looking for a new home.

She ground drives, clips, ties and loads.  In addition to that she is very sweet-tempered and a joy to work with.  For more information on how you can adopt this filly  contact Kathy Lee  at !-401-486-7952.





Butch is a 15 year old Paint gelding--allegedly he was a barrel horse.  He is 14 Hands 3 inches tall.  He appears to be sound.  He was abandoned for 5 years and seems to have done pretty good for himself.  His feet are rough, but in good shape.  He had a hundred or so acres to roam on so he's in good flesh.  He didn't want to get in the trailer so I got out the lunge whip and held it up in my hand still folded in half and announced "I have a whip!" at which point he leapt into the trailer.  It's always amazing how simply seeing a whip will jar the memory of so many horses.  He suddenly remembered riding in a trailer was no big deal! He is handsome and sweet with unusual markings.  It has been raining since he got here so I haven't had the opportunity to test drive him and find out what he does and does not know.  When I do, we will update him and make him available for adoption.  In the meantime, if you know this horse and can shed some light on him for us...give me a call!  740-594-4336


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