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Available Horses
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Available Horses
Right now, these are the horses and ponies that we have available for adoption.  We are ALWAYS updating our website, so check back often, becuase your next horsie "partner-in-crime" could be waiting here for you!





Cheerios (My Cheyenne Dream)

My Cheyenne Dream (that's a mouthful so I call him Cheerios-he's just that happy a horse)!This 15 year old gelding "lemon drop" Appalooosa was a nurse mare foal!  He has proven to be a little more than his owner wanted to deal with at her present age.  

These photos were taken on his first morning here at the corral.  He is sound and appears to be quite sane! He is not currently available as we have not put him through his paces

Do not call- we will update his status and availability just as soon as it has been determined.






Trooper- Registered Rocky mountain (comes with papers, Registered name “Windwalker”) Gelding, 15.3 hands. He is gaited and easygoing. He has a lot of bone and big feet. His manners are impeccable and his experience is vast. His owner took him camping and trail riding. She took him to California. She took him to Colorado. She took him here, she took him there. She owned him for most of his life and loved him dearly. Why not, we’re talking about the world’s most perfect trail/ road horse. Unfortunate circumstances for his owner caused he to leave her horse with us to assure him a future loving home. He needs to find that terrific home that appreciates the worlds most perfect horse. One that appreciates that these horses are almost impossible to find…. And appreciates the fact that they may have to “overlook” some small and controllable issues. So, without further ado  here they are; 1) He is more or less blind in his right eye, however he has been blind in that eye since the age of three. The eye has a small blue scar, but there may be some peripheral vision. Most people do not notice the scar and, there  is no pain associated with the eye and he is not spooky. 2) He has been diagnosed with the onset of Equine Cushing’s disease (Unlike human or most canine Cushing’s disease this is caused by the frowth of a tumor on the pituitary gland. This is a common condition among “mature” Horses. Early diagnosis and treatment reduce the clinical effects.) He is treated with a single small pill that he readily eats in his grain in the morning. He will be sent with a 30 day supply, the treatment is less than $2.00 a day. A small price to pay for a safe, sound, friendly and seasoned trail horse.

Adoption Fee: $400

Doodle Bug



Doodle Bug

Doodle Bug is a 10 year old bay Welch medium gelding pony; the world's most perfect pony! He's just a gem!

Sorry-he sold at our Barn Bash!  You should have been there!


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