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He is doing great.  When I've been leading him, he's been a perfect gentleman - walking nicely.  We wanted him to settle in a bit before riding him here.  I'll keep you posted.
{gallery}success/yuri{gallery}Yuri's doing great. He let me put a blanket on him then jumped in the
trailer and off we went.  The trip was really smooth.  He stood sideways and
looked out the window most of the way.  He took it all in stride but I
thought I was going to have a nervous breakdown going around the Columbus
Outerbelt.  We took some "arrival pictures" but I don't have them downloaded
yet.  Thanks for everything.  I will tell everyone I can about what you do
at LCC  and about the wonderful Christmas Present I've gotten myself.  -


Just wanted to let you know how commited we are to Stubbs, While I was on
 vacation last week he was being pestered by a pony and tried to kick it,
 he ended up kicking thru a sheetmetal out building cutting his leg to the
 bone and the tendon sheef, he has been at OSU and had surgery and is
 recovering well, even though the cost was 4 times the price we paid we
 consider him a part of the family and we look forward to brining him home
 Thursday. he is recovering well and is expected to make a full recovery

{gallery}success/Sasha{/gallery}I have a beautiful black thoroughbred cross w 2 white stockings and a white blaze. She is the love of my life.I got her when she was 3 wks old and she had a rough start. She developed roddicoccis foal pneumonia and it was touch and go for a while.We love her and she loves us. She follows me everywhere and would rather be with me than eat. Thank you so much for what you do. Thank you for my Sasha- The rescue of an orphaned foal turned into one of my greatest blessings.



  I just wanted to let you know how far along Dakota has come! My friend, Ashley, recently visited you guys and picked up that book that has success stories of horses you've adopted. She saw Dakota and me in there and showed me. So I thought that you'd like another update, a year later.

  He is a really quick learner, and has come so far since the last time I updated you. We are both now taking lessons with Connie Stanton, a really advanced horse trainer and riding instructor. She has been a great help with training for shows and way more advanced things than I ever thought I'd be doing. Dakota now takes right and left leads on command, side passes L's, backs L's, and is almost completely calm around other horses. He gaits a consistent show gait, gaits on, collects at the canter, is trained on a snaffle and curb bit, trailers beautifully, and so, so many more wonderful things.

  I am now in a 4-H club that is specifically for horses. I think you know them, the "Rough Riders" 4-H club. They come to Last Chance every year for volunteer. I'm really excited to go, I haven't been there forever, and I believe we will have some extra goat milk by that time.

  I also wanted to thank you again for giving me the best friend I've always dreamed of. Dakota's the horse that has helped me, hugged me when I cried, taken care of me, and taught me so many things I am so greatful for. So thank you, if it weren't for you guys, who knows where I'd be right now. My life has totally turned around, in a good way! Thanks so much!!! Also, here are some updated pictures. I was going to send video of Dakota's 5th birthday, (in which I made the day I adopted him), but it was taking too long to load!!

    from McKenzie and Dakota,

        at Pine Valley Farm  

Painted Warrior
I am Kim, and almost 5 years ago I adopted a 6 week old foal from you guys. I have been meaning to contact you about his well doing but haven't had time. He is deffinetly never leaving me. We are  soul mates if possible. He is coming along great. When we received him he was terrible but I never gave up. He is famous for attacking people, chasing them and well just plain being aggressive. However with some strict rules and tender love he is being very affectionate. He extremly protective of me and feels horrible if i'm hurt.
I am currently training him for dressage. He has SOOOO much heart and potential. I have showed him, trail rode, light jumping and even some western. We are hoping that one day we will make it to high levels. To  prove that it's not just the pedigree but the heart and for you guys to know that you helped not only save that horse but make my life so much better. The best part is that he gets along GREAT with my childhood pony. I am working on sending you some pictures (please excuse the fact that he is dirty.)

thanks bunches!!!